When will spring finally cummmm?

The uptick of activities happening at madame, or being planned is palpable.  Spring is looking rrreal busy gurll.

This event slippped past the old bloggers’ fingers…

the minneapolis food swappers had their inaugural swap in the partially newly repainted madame.

and someone wrote about it…HERE!

Let’s hope the foodswappers come back.  I want in on that action.

also in the recent past, we had the very first Vinyl Restraint.  This will be a monthly thang.  The first vinyl restraint featured DJ’s Plunging Necklines, Playtex, J boyfactory, and Gay Pain.  There were experimental feminist video art alongside other vintage porn oddities….AND BAKED GOODS!  The weather was a little gross, but all in all it was a total success.    OH! and I almost forgot, we tape-recorded all the dj sets and will be digitizing them to make a podcast of music from Madame.  How hott is that? check back soon.

NEXT VINYL RESTRAINT is APRIL 20th, 2011 – DJ’s scheduled are DJ’s Anne Erickson, Tell It To MY Heart, and J boyfactory (the other one).   8pm (come early!)

more cake, more cookies, more-sex-vhs…YESSS. 

So. here’s a revized schedule of upcoming events….with additions.

April 2nd – PEGASUS “Grrl Power” – Come celebrate the commodified monoculture watered down mainstreaming of the Riot Grrl Movement.  Wear your lisa loeb gglasses, your spice girls platform shoes…your babydoll dresses, your smeared lipstick.

April 15th – RADIANCE – opening 8pm -a group art show featuring a crew of artists from NYC alongside Mpls artists working with similar concerns.  1/2 of the art show INTO THE NEON, makes it’s way to mpls, and is augmented by local talents.  This queer art show is not defined by identitarian lines, but instead positions a wide range of artists who’s work addresses aesthetics of queer collectivity and counterpublic ideals.  Additional gallery hours on Saturday (2-8pm) and Sunday (1-5pm)

April 20th – VINYL RESTRAINT  8pm– DJ’s Anne Erickson, Tell it to my heart, and J Boyfactory (the other one)

April 23rd – GOATFLOWER TAPE RELEASE – 9pm 3 bands. listen to the sounds from madame’s brand new p.a. system!  Preview goatflower HERE.

April 29th – REGRESSION INTO RESONANCE – 8pm Multimedia Installation art show. “Culturally and scientifically regressing into one another to form a chaotic and anonymous whole. Space is a medium considered through installation, through a mining of data, certain awareness in the viewer and the geometry of response, causality, interaction and refraction. These elements all contribute to a structured abstract of reality.”

May 6-9:  we have some very special plans cooking up surrounding Justin Bond’s performance at the southern theatre.  We are planning a very special pegasus – “PEGASUS, THE GATHERING” theme.  think stevie nicks, majick, trolls and spells for scorned lovers.


About madameofthearts

I am located in Minneapolis. I am a feminist queer community art center. I host art events, gatherings, classes, and epic social hangs. Hear me roar. This is my public face.
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