First off.  Thanks for coming to Radiance.  It was our very first exhibition, and it ended up being a total suxxsexxss.

here’s the program cover. (thx JoAnn for the amazing map, and doing all the design for the programs)

and the blurb from the back of the program:

Radiance = radiating energy = radiation.  An invisible energy that is both a site of power and source of contamination

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant has now been classified by the Atomic Energy Coalition a category 7 nuclear disaster.
On par with Chernobyl in it’s scope and lasting effects on japanese and surrounding environments.

This horrible catastrophe has affected how I think about my own ecology.   I began to seeing how subcultures and counter-publics like the queer scene surrounding Madame, has it’s own social ecology, powered by particular ideas of queer aesthetics, queer activism and community.  Much like the viability of nuclear power,  queerness can act as a mobilizing force of political energy and reactive change.  This energy, derived from rare elements (think of the 1 in 10 analogy, think of the rare occurrence of plutonium found in nature), reacts in compact space (think nuclear reactor, think great sex in a studio apartment, think blackberry political organizing) as a force of cultural imagination (think atomic age, or women’s separatist movement) whose byproducts can create caustic malfunctions (think 3 mile island, think of how white this queer scene tends to be) and harmful radiation.

This art show attempts to gather aesthetics surrounding the cultural imagination of queerness.  All the work envisions and examines some kind of a public, a space in nature, in history, in writing, in voice outside of the individual,  that informs particular codes of behavior.  We see no self portraits.  Some work creates a queer space or scenario, some focuses on its visionary potential and efficient force, while other work is more self-reflexive, illustrating a current, personal examination within a counter-culture of queer today.  A third category of pieces remains critical, visualizing shortcomings, mutations, and the potentially hazardous byproducts of queer function and ideals.

Aesthetically, representations of the body are very present in forms that are often changed or pushed to extremes.  The body provides a way to collectively imagine the figures that we depend upon for self understanding:  they make us real.  These bodies aren’t directly pinpointing the soul, or void within the artist, but instead exist in a space of connection.  The participatory pieces call directly to this idea, as if to say that looking at the wall is not enough.  The body represents a tool, a way to change public systems of value.

So as these bodies radiate with nuclear potential we give off steam and radiant energy at every queer fundraiser we attend, every party, every trip to the co-op.  This radiance is good, but we recognize that it also has it’s downside… fallout.  An example: Madame is located on the corner of 34th and Chicago.  A contested intersection (late last year a young girl was accidentally shot) that is seemingly on the brink of real change and possible gentrification.  Madame may be a part of that change do to the apt perception by many, that queer is understood as a mostly white, middle class phenomena.  These critiques of queer scenes and activity  are also present in the artwork here  and begs us to ask the question.  Is it all radiant energy? or is there some radiation at work.


Vinyl Restraint 2.0.  WED APRIL 20th W/ DJ’s Tell It To My Heart and DJ Lillith Flair

baked goods. VHS.  Musix. No Cover, just bring $$ for libations and cookies!

Regressions into Relations: art show APRIL 29th- 7-9pm

Regression into Resonance
Culturally and scientifically regressing into one another to form a chaotic and anonymous whole. Space is a medium considered through installation, through a mining of data, certain awareness in the viewer and the geometry of response, causality, interaction and refraction. These elements all contribute to a structured abstract of reality.

Please join us for an exhibition featuring the work of:

Luke Axelson
John Foster
Alex Fritz
Ryan Hughes
Jonathan Karen


About madameofthearts

I am located in Minneapolis. I am a feminist queer community art center. I host art events, gatherings, classes, and epic social hangs. Hear me roar. This is my public face.
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  1. Lee Silverstein says:

    Please let me know about future events. Thanks, Lee

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