LATE JUN / JULY EVENTS! and beeep beep ba beep news

Hello queer warriors and provacateurs..

We were deeply saddened when Pegasus: Haunted House got shut down last Saturday evening.  We had put a lot of effort into the party, decorating the space, finding amazing dj’s and performers….it was a huge bummer.  Come to one of our future events and we can talk all about it over an ice cold glass of tears.  STAY TUNED FOR SUPER AMAAAZING MAKEUP AUGUST PEGASUS!

Back to the grind!  We got a lot of Majjick in store.

THURSDAY JUNE 30th 8pm: Femmeward Lens Presents: 12 Dark Noons

“A psychedelic movie for the apocalypse in twelve chapters. Featuring Naked On The Vague and a Clock of 12’s. Shot in the Outback of Australia.

Twelve Dark Noons is a collaborative short film featuring Lucy Phelan and Matthew Hopkins of Sydney, Australia’s Naked On The Vague. Produced by Caleb Braaten of Sacred Bones Records, directed by Jacqueline Castel of Future Primitive Films, with the collaborative work and art of Shawn Reed of label Night People and band Wet Hair.

Principle photography will take place near Sydney and Melbourne, Australia in the summer of 2010. Along with shooting a short film, we will be shooting a music video for the song “Clock of 12’s” off an upcoming Naked On The Vague 12” EP release on Sacred Bones Records. The music video will be released online and later collected on a Future Primitive Films DVD.

Naked On The Vague will score the short film before it premiers theatrically (details TBA), in the fall of 2010. From there the film will be submitted to film festivals worldwide.


SATURDAY JULY 9th – 10pm – Anne W Erickson and Lauren Deland’s Bday Mashup Bashup

WEDNESDAY JULY 20th – VINYL RESTRAINT 3.0 w/ DJ’s AAWE and Playtex.  “Psychedelic Summer” Themed vinyl restraint, with grainy VHS, Homemade baked goods.  No requests.  the DJ’s have you in Vinyl Restraint.

MADAME MEETING TBD – stay tuned.


About madameofthearts

I am located in Minneapolis. I am a feminist queer community art center. I host art events, gatherings, classes, and epic social hangs. Hear me roar. This is my public face.
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