On July 15th, we had a barn-stormer of a madame planning meeting.  Madame is feeeeling REAL FULL

.  Here’s the dates

JULY 27th 8pm : VINYL RESTRAINT 4.0 – Dj’s Playtex and Anne Erickson

JULY 28th: FEMMEWARD LENS III… Feminist films and discussion.. screening of ‘women in cages’ +++’the Gold Diggers’ 8pm
JULY 30th: MONDO QUEER BEACH PARTY II…..performers Whore Couture + others TBA 9pm
AUGUST 6th: this maybe might happen ….Slutwalk afterparty 8pm

AUGUST 9th: bitchin bajas  : hosted by Clint Simonson of Destijl records
AUGUST 11: Cher Horowitz, Whore Couture, Heidy Barton Stink  9pm!!
AUGUST 12: MADAME PLANNING MEETING 7pm:  Join us for our next planning meeting.  Help create the community you seek
AUGUST 13: Pegasus: “Maternity Leave” (and danimal’s going away party)- Peggy is PREGNANT WITH INFORMATION!!! Come and see the twinkle in our eye.  featuring a wet diaper contest…exam room…wet-nurses…family therapy….yr favorite mommy-types, daddy-types, and adult-baby drag.  Bring a rattle and crawl on down!!!!! 10pm  (contact us if you’d like to perform!!)
AUGUST 16: Tuesday Xperimental Series 8pm
AUGUST 18: Tarot Tarot 8pm – a night of free tarot readings, witchy omens and premenatory possibilities.  live readings by MDF and Becky Smith!
AUGUST 19: “Inside/ Outside the spectrum Autism benefit” hosted by the powerhouse Lisa Ganser 8pm
AUGUST 30: Tuesday Xperimental Series 8pm
AUGUST 31: Anne Erickson’s Fashion Films 8pm
SEPT 2: GOTH NIGHT! (we’re still ironing this one out..but it should be amazing.  Goth Public Access Television show brings the Broadcasts to Madame, plus Goth and Darkwave DJ’s) 9pm
SEPT 4: “Give a Shit Benefit” …potential monthly fundraiser event.  first one hosted by Lisa Ganser 8pm

SEPT 17: DOUBLE DUTCH:  feminist dance spectacular!!! More info TBA.  This is going to be a recurring thing, so pay attenshunn please

write to:  to get involved


About madameofthearts

I am located in Minneapolis. I am a feminist queer community art center. I host art events, gatherings, classes, and epic social hangs. Hear me roar. This is my public face.
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